S Clarke

Stephenson Clarke was one of the largest coal factors, supplying both domestic and steam coals (including locomotive coals to both the North London and London, Brighton & South Coast railways), but the wagon livery has been the cause of some debate.

It’s generally accepted that the corner plates were a different colour to the rest of the ironwork by at least the late 1890s when the shade was said to be Indian Red.  However, those built by Gloucester R.C.&W. Co. appear to have been turned out with black corner plates and a ‘lead grey’ body colour (I used Humbrol 67 which also gives a good representation of GER wagon grey) rather than the more usual green/grey associated with the company. At least three wagons from one such batch of about 500 wagons delivered c1900 are known to have been photographed at the time, numbers 3663, 3801 and 4000, but these 6-plank wagons have several design differences compared to the Slater’s 6-plank Gloucester kit, so I opted for a much earlier wagon from the same builder.

The July 1995 issue of Model Railways Illustrated has a good article on the SC Gloucester wagons of the 1900 order.


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