HR Fish

A Highland Railway fish wagon top Diagram 12 from a Lochgorm brass kit.

© Adrian Marks

I’ve added WEP compensation units with vacuum and Westinghouse pipes were from my spares box so could be from one of a number of sources such as Connoisseur, Alan Gibson or Laurie Griffin. The safety chains and screw couplings are by Laurie, and I added a representation of the door chains from twisted 5A fuse wire. Sprung buffer heads from Slater’s, the barrel from Ten Commandments, and the wagon sheet was homemade using a  HR pattern I found somewhere.

© Adrian Marks

In reality the interior would have all been swept clean after unloading, and the sheet properly folded, but a little modeller’s license makes for what is hopefully a little scene that suggests the last trip was a little more eventful than usual.

© Adrian Marks


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