Modellers frequently cite particular articles in the model press as early inspiration, and these are often the catalyst for modelling projects many years later.  I suspect that like most, I could reel off a long list of inspirational writings and photographs, but if I had to narrow it down to one name, then it would have to be the frequent revisits to the then long extinct W. S. Norris’ layout in the Railway Modeller during the 70s and early 80s.

I think it was a combination of both the finish of Bernard Millar’s models, Norris’  scenery (which from certain angles now looks somewhat crude) and the composition of the natural viewpoint style of photography which set this fascinating model apart from everything else I had seen in print up to that point,  and they were the first of a very select group of photographs that came very close to fooling my brain into believing I was seeing an image of the real thing.

One of the driving forces behind my own modelling has been the desire to recreate that blurred distinction between real and model, and although I’ve not yet achieved that goal – not yet, and not even with the advantage of Photoshop – I keep trying to work towards it, so here’s a selection of frills and frippery.


5 thoughts on “Frippery

  1. Thanks Jonathan – hope you had a good trip!

    The J15 was my first of many, and a bit crude by my current standards. A couple of years ago it was subjected to Nitromores and a microflame. it’s now back in component pieces and will one day re-emerge as an N31, LNER J14.

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