GER Bogie Brake Third

An ex-Great Eastern 50′ brake Third circa mid-1950s. Just over eighty were built to this design between 1911 and 1917, and a little under half remained in service at Nationalisation, with several making it to the late 50s in various shades of Stratford brown.

I was able to utilise some D&S etchings and scratchbuilt the rest. The roof emulates an LNER repair with a single rainstrip and the cantrail destination board brackets removed.  The corridor connectors was a lesson in brass origami with 1 thou shim folded and soldered to represent the bellows and canvas top.

The interior is fully detailed with reproductions of genuine Eastern Region carriage prints of the period from my collection, a close representation of the cloth pattern on the seats, and is glazed with 0.13 mm glass.

The first photo is made up from five separate shots with the focal point in a different place in an attempt to keep the whole model in focus. These individual images have been layered and manually stitched together rather than using one of the commercially available layering packages, although this introduced some interesting effects which needed a little ironing out. One or two anomalies remain, but hopefully are not too obvious!


2 thoughts on “GER Bogie Brake Third

  1. Beautiful, not other word for it. If I may be so bold, I would love to know the colour used on this coach. I have mixed shades but getting there is so elusive.

  2. Thanks Larry, and appreciate your comments as your painting has been inspirational and aspirational to me for many years. I used Precision brown for the base mixing in leather and black until it matched a colour photo I have taken c1959.

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